The importance of physical fitness

People who are physically active tend to have higher energy levels, able to maintain their optimum weight and are less prone to medical problems. Being physical fit helps to maintain a relaxed state of mind and are often strong enough to face the ups and downs of life.

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NHS North West Games

Fancy being apart of Team NWAS? The main event will take place on the 7th July which includes rounders, mixed football, badminton, netball, cycling and much more. There will be a 5K race taking place on the 14th April, 9th June Men’s football, 1st September Golf and finally on the 24th November swimming.  It’s a great way to meet staff from across the Trust and come together to compete against other NHS Trusts across the North West. Fun for all the family and friends to come along and cheer you on, with a mini sports day taking place on the  7th July for kids and the chance for them to win prizes! Register….

Sarah Platt Running Diary
Week 1 So since saying I'll run the half marathon with team 111 what have I been up…
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Heather's Journey in Martial Arts
Firstly a huge thank you to Heather for sharing her story with us. Heather is a Data &…
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Kaido Challenge......get your walking boots on!!

North West Ambulance NHS Trust have joined up with health and wellbeing company Kaido and would like to invite you to join their ‘Arctic Expedition,’ a fun and inclusive way to improve your health and wellbeing. You can join at anytime, create a team or take part on your own. Whether its walking the dog, running your first marathon or even improving your sleep, with Kaido Wellbeing, everything counts!You will compete to earn Kaido Points for positive improvements you make in your physical, mental and social wellbeing. Well…what are you waiting for, register for the challenge today……..

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