What does healthy mean to you?

Being healthy means so much more than eating well. This page along with ‘Happy’ and ‘Fit’ aims to provide a sense of awareness for your overall health and wellness. Healthy means eating well, feeling strong and being happy. Life is all about decisions – what to eat, how to stay active and creating a fulfilling work-life balance. This section focuses on choices and sharing information amongst our colleagues.


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North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust in Partnership with Slimming World!

Thank you to all staff that have expressed an interest in claiming a free 12 week membership at slimming World, we have had a lot of interest. The application process closed on the 10th May and we will be contacting the winners soon. Good Luck to all those that applied.

EOC Resilience, Nutrition & Fitness Programme 2018
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111 - Invest in Yourself Programme
Edge Hill University recently attended the 111 office to introduce a pilot health and wellbeing programme. Specialists from…
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Did you know hunger is often confused with dehydration? Even mild dehydration can alter our body’s metabolism, so the goal is to drink eight glasses a day. Studies show that those who drink two glasses of water before a meal feel fuller and eat less.


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