Happiness will differ from person to person depending on your personal circumstances, including but not limited to the workplace. We understand this and want to create and maintain a thriving working environment where everyone can flourish. Managers are being trained to create a mentally healthy workplace, whilst staff are encouraged to be more self aware and acknowledge what makes them happy and how to use coping strategies to help in difficult times. This page will explore wellbeing in various ways:

  • Personal development
  • NWAS family – teamwork and support
  • Resilience
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Positive mental health
  • Helping others

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You may already know about the trust’s Car Salary Sacrifice scheme with Tusker that’s been running for a couple of years but we are pleased to announce another driving package through their Car Leasing Scheme which is open to all staff. Choose from hundreds of models which come complete with road tax, tyres, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance, all for a fixed monthly amount – you just need to organise your own insurance. It’s a great way to have a hassle-free car. To get a quote and see the range of cars available simply log in at https://tuskercars.com/pcl. For more information you can call Tusker on 0333 400 3696 or email pcl@tuskerdirect.com Tusker Brochure

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