Happiness is a subjective concept depending on your personal circumstances, including but not limited to the workplace. Here at NWAS we understand this and want to create and maintain a thriving working environment where everyone can flourish.

Managers are being trained to create a mentally healthy workplace, whilst staff are encouraged to be more self-aware and acknowledge what makes them happy and how to use coping strategies to help in difficult times.

This page will explore wellbeing in various ways:

  • Personal development
  • Resilience
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Positive mental health
  • Helping others

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Personal Development

NWAS offer a wide range of different ways to boost both your personal and professional development. Check out these personal development workshops and book your place today!

If you would like further advice around your development options, please contact the Learning and Development Team.

Email: Learning.Development@nwas.nhs.uk

Twitter @NWAmb_learning


NHS Credit Union – Financial Wellbeing

The NHS Credit Union offers affordable loans and secure savings for thousands of health service employees and their families.

Any employee of the NHS in Scotland or the north of England can join the NHS Credit Union – along with any member of family living in the same household. It’s easy to join.


Rekindle - New dates, family welcome

Helping others – Paramedic Elizabeth Church has set up a fantastic network for all staff to join and be apart of. Check out her story and get in contact to be apart of something great!

Elizabeth Church – My idea behind it is simple, we have a tough job which gets ever busier with little time to reflect. We attend a wide variety of jobs all stressful in their own way. We have an ever changing workforce and for newer staff in reserve, who don’t have a permanent base, it’s hard to form friendships, which is definitely something we need in this environment.


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