How does it work?

So here it is, in a nutshell.

Cambridge weight plan is a steps plan. There are six steps but you may not do all six depending on where you start

Step 1 (this is usually where you would start providing you don’t need extra Cal’s for medical reasons)

Step 1a and 1b are a complete meal replacement formula. At this step food is completely taken out of the equation. Think of it as a reset! You will either have 3/4 Cambridge weight plan products a day depending on sex, height and weight.

That’s it! That simple.

You can be on the step for as long as it takes to drop the biggest chunk of your weight. After 12 weeks we need to step you up for a week but should you wish to stay on it after that you are very welcome to do so provided you still have enough weight to lose.

Step 2.

Here’s where the retraining starts!!!!

Step 2 is 3 products a day and a 200cal meal.

Now, don’t get excited you can’t count 200 cal of Mars bar! We give you a fabulous steps book with all your food down in one place to make it simple and strict so you don’t fall of track.

We have recipe books, support groups and your consultant who can help you make the best use of the calories!

Step 3

Here is where the fun starts!

Step 3 is where we let you off the lead a little bit and see how far you run!!!!

You learn about the proper breakfast, a healthy lunch, a good evening meal (again using the steps book to guide you)

Some people choose to start on this step. If you think you have a handle on food, if you love to cook, if you don’t want to leave food behind, this is a great step for choice!

On this step a product is taken away and with the help of your consultant you can replace that product with good natural healthy food.

Step 4.

Some of my clients like to call this the fruit step!

Your allowance goes up now and within that allowance is a bonus 100 Cal’s which is perfect for fruit or your healthy snack of choice!

Each step taking you closer and closer to your RDA of calories while keeping your food choices healthy and wholesome and retraining the way you think about food.

Still 2 Cambridge products on this step to make sure you are getting your RDA.

Step 5

You have now got down to one Cambridge weight plan product a day!! Congratulations.

Step 2 has taught you basics, step 3 taught you to flourish, step 4 taught you how to get enough calories in without eating unhealthy food and now you are stabilising the weight you have lost!

You can be on step 5 as long as you like!

I choose step 5 for maintenance because I happen to have a taste for the mint bars and they are now my afternoon snack!

Most people want to get back to life without Cambridge and this is where step 6 comes in………

Step 6

Your life!

No Cambridge products, just you and your new body.

Scary huh???

No!!!! This is where the fun starts!

We have a massive maintenance group to keep you supported.

Your consultant will schedule weigh ins and meet ups to keep you accountable.

You are still a member of the Cambridge family (unfortunately you can’t get rid of us!)

We want our slimmers to succeed! That’s why 1 to 1 support is vital!! We are here for you as long as you need us!

So……….. These are our steps in a nutshell.

Alongside our brilliant plan you get one to one support from a consultant.

You become a part of a massive on line community.

You have the backing of a second to none medical team to ensure you are safe and healthy at all times.

You are recognised and celebrated for your individual victories and you are supported and looked after in times of struggle.

What more could you want from a diet??

Weight loss????

Of course!!!

Our slimmers lose an average of a stone a month while on plan. What are you doing for the next few months???????

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