Online yoga course – free for all key workers

In gratitude to all healthcare professionals during these challenging times, Sadhguru and Isha Foundation are offering Inner Engineering Online course free until the end of May, to help support their wellbeing. Inner Engineering Online programme introduces practices and tools to enhance and maintain one’s inner balance, peace and wellbeing. Those who have completed the programme have shared increased mental clarity, enhanced emotional balance, heightened energy levels and improved resilience.


The Harvard Medical School recently conducted a Randomised Control Trial to analyse the impact of this IEO program compared to controls. Participants were randomised to receive IEO in the intervention arm and reading books in the control arm. Impact on lowering their burnout, stress levels, and their Perceived Stress Score were analysed. Results showed that, the IEO intervention group significantly perceived lower stress levels with Perceived Stress Score ‘improved by more than 50%’ than the control group.


This course consists of 7 sessions, approximately 90-minutes each, attributing to 10.5 CPD credits. Please find the link to the programme at

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