Welcome to the new Podcasts 2018!!

The Trust has signed up to a suite of 16 multi-media digital ‘Micro-Learning’ podcasts offering discrete chunks of information and skills based knowledge delivered in short bursts of time. This includes 16 topics filmed and recorded specifically for NWAS to ensure the content is relevant and addresses the specific requirements to help combat challenges faced by staff. Four podcasts are being launched each month between June and September 2018 focusing on a different topic each month.

How podcasts can help me?

  • Accessibility of information across dispersed workforces and multiple sites
  • 24/7 availability of information
  • You can listen to these podcasts on breaks or in your free time.

Check out the following podcasts available now:-

1 Podcast – Mindfulness & Peace of Mind 

2 Podcast – Mood Transformation Techniques

3 Podcast – Stress-less & Meditation for Beginners 

4 Podcast – Switch off for Sleep & Deep Relaxation Techniques

Staff Feedback

I accessed the last set of pod casts regarding mindfulness and the breathing exercises and found it to be very beneficial. I practice meditation and mindfulness anyway and have found that this has a very positive impact on my mental health and ‘stress’ levels and in maintaining that balance between work and home. I know that mindfulness etc. is not yet mainstream enough for all staff / people to feel comfortable with but do feel that organisations can go some way to normalising this type of activity and supporting staff in taking part. Lorraine Myers Clinical Governance Officer 

Click here to listen to these amazing podcasts in full……..

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