Occupational Health Procedure

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We have a commitment to the health and wellbeing of its staff. The aim is to employ people who are suitable for the job they are employed to do and promote health and wellbeing during the course of employment. The purpose of an Occupational Health (OH) Service is to:

Implement agreed OH Policy and Procedure

Ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations

Offer work health assessments to help ensure that employees are suitable to carry out their identified role

To provide expert advice on OH issues and advise managers and HR in the event of illness or injury and its impact on the suitability to return to work and/or the rehabilitation needs of individuals. Assist those individuals when they return to work to enable them to settle into their work pattern with minimum stress and disruption.

Offer a variety of health education and health promotion programmes to encourage the health and wellbeing of all staff

To provide a cost effective service to the Trust

Offer counselling and physiotherapy services to staff within the agreed parameters

To interpret current and future legislation and guidance and perform services in line with this legislation/guidance.

To provide a vaccination programme to ensure that all staff are offered the necessary vaccinations.

Provide a Drug and / or Alcohol Screening Service in line with Chain of Custody rules.

The OH Service employs qualified Occupational Nurse Advisors, OH Physicians and



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