111 – Invest in Yourself Programme

Edge Hill University recently attended the 111 office to introduce a pilot health and wellbeing programme.

Specialists from Edge Hill attended two sessions in August as part of a promotional month alongside local health café – Avocado who offered healthy flapjacks and smoothies.  Staff were offered the exciting opportunity to take part in the three month programme whereby individual personalised support plans are created and evaluated by the University.  Participants could sign up to expert advice on the following modules:

  • Happy – Personalised Coping Strategies
  • Healthy – Personalised Dietary and Nutritional Advice
  • Fit – Personalised activity plans

Sue Sumner 111 Clinical Services Manager has been involved with the whole process and we wanted to ask her a few questions on how it went.

How did you feel about the programme?

I personally have always had an interest in health, fitness and nutrition so was very excited to be asked to get involved and be the lead for the 111 Health & Wellbeing group. When I heard about the proposed programme with Edge Hill University I thought what a fantastic opportunity it was for the 111 staff; but I did wonder if we would get staff to sign up for it…..I needn’t have worried!

Was there much interest?

We ran two promotional events where representatives from the university came to engage with staff and tell them all about the 3 different modules; those wishing to sign up underwent a health check – weight, height, body mass index and blood pressure measurement. We also got Avocado, a local health food bar to come in with some of their goodies as tasters. The interest from staff was phenomenal and as such the health & fitness module was oversubscribed, so we had to turn people down. We have 72 staff going through the diet & nutrition module, 36 on the health & fitness module and 42 on the coping strategies module; the majority of staff have signed up to do all 3 modules.

 What happens next?

Participants have completed pre-programme questionnaires so that their programmes will be individually tailored to their needs. Those undertaking the diet & nutrition module have all been keeping daily food diaries which they will take to their first appointment. The programme will run over 3 months , with the first appointments taking place next week. Each month the university staff will come onsite to Middlebrook and have individual appointments with the participants. At the end of the 3 months the programme will be evaluated.




Invest In Yourself