South Manchester Triathlon

The South Manchester Triathlon took place on Sunday the 17th September, a sprint triathlon on the Cheshire plains. The event started with a 400m swim followed by 24.2km cycle through the Cheshire countryside with the final hurdle a 6.3km run. Three members from NWAS took part in the race and have kindly volunteered to share their stories below on how the event went for them on the day…………..

Louise Rylett Workforce Development Manager HR

So flush with success after our first ever super sprint tri I thought we should go up a level and enter a standard sprit triathlon, basically another 2k on the run and 5k on the bike ride, with swimming staying the same. On the day of the event I realised very quickly that this triathlon was a lot more serious than the fun tri and that the competitors all seemed to know what they were doing. I was probably more worried because I had done less preparation then on the previous event. However, armed with enthusiasm and not an insurmountable amount of terror we finally got underway. The swim went by fairly quickly and it was nice to see that there were people who were all swimming relatively slowly and most people seem to be using breaststroke. The transition was a bit of a mess when I found myself running up to the entrance of the sports hall rather than into the transition area – yep spot the amateur! After Hannah and Nikki arrived, and I had finally made the safety pins work to attach my number, we got underway with the cycling section. This actually wasn’t too bad, there were a couple of inconvenient hills but overall it was a nice scenic route, and before we knew it I was back in transition struggling to get my wet feet into my trainers. The run was part run and part walk, I won’t lie to you there was a nasty hill in the middle and there was no way I was running up that! After what seemed like forever we finally made it to the finish line and actually I didn’t feel too bad. So would I do it again? For sure, but maybe next time I might actually put in a bit more preparation!

Nicky Boyle Training Consultant Delvo OD

I couldn’t believe it when Louise had managed to talk me into entering a sprint triathlon. I thought this was on the ‘impossible’ list. However, after completing the National 3 Peaks last year, I was ready for a new challenge. The only experience I had previously was running (5-10k), although I would be better describing it as shuffling/walking!  I had never been on a road bike before and I had no idea if I could swim 16 lengths as for years, all I had done in a pool was play beach ball with my two sons.

I absolutely loved the whole experience. The atmosphere was amazing and I was so pleased to see some normal looking men and women taking part, they weren’t all super athletes after all.

The run was the hardest, I had nothing left in my legs at all. Hannah and Louise kept me going all the way round and we finished as a team. I am really proud of myself. The ‘impossible’ list is definitely shrinking!

Hannah Jones Human Resources Administrator

Well the second triathlon of the year under my belt! Like Louise, I trained more for our first one than this one and it was further!! I had a slight panic beforehand imagining me at the side of the road unable to breathe with medics carting me off, but we did it. Louise forgot to also mention that on the cycle she nearly got taken out by a flying water bottle that slipped out of my hand as she was about to take a drink herself and managed to save herself from disaster! I would recommend a sprint triathlon to anyone; there were people there from all abilities. You just can’t beat that feeling of achievement as you cross the finish line, very proud of my achievements. It was great to have Louise and Nicky with me supporting each other along the way and making it an all-round enjoyable day. If anyone fancies having a go make sure you go on the ‘Invest in Yourself’ ( website to look out for future events. Give yourself a new challenge for 2018!!

Invest In Yourself