What is TRiM?

TRiM is a peer delivered assessment tool, used to determine by what degree, if any, a colleague has been affected by a potentially traumatic incident, and to ascertain whether or not they would benefit from further support. If further intervention is required,the colleague will then be signposted or referred to the most appropriate source of help.

The Assessment

The assessment is an entirely voluntary, one to one, confidential conversation with a trained colleague who is a designated TRiM assessor. The outcome of the assessment will simply be a score. No notes are made and the score will only be shared with the TRiM coordinators. The contents of the discussion will not leave the room. An assessment should take place ideally 24-72 hours after a potentially traumatic incident (not on the same day), but is still effective after this timescale. A follow up assessment will take place 21-28 days following the first.

How Do I Access TRiM?

TRiM can be offered to staff who have attended/or been exposed to a significant incident. This can be done in various ways:-

  • EOC Dispatcher will contact a TRiM Assessor via e-mail
  • Management will notify an Assessor of an incident
  • Staff member will contact an Assessor directly and request an Assessment
  • Staff member can request that an offer is made to a colleague they have concerns about.

If you would like a TRiM assessment please contact one of these dedicated mailboxes for TRiM referrals:-

Please Note TRiM is not counselling or therapy, and is different from a critical incident debrief.

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